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Ramblings of an aimless wanderer...

Updated: May 21, 2022


Welcome to my "Blog" area...Here you will find my random and not so random thoughts and ramblings of what started as a harmless hobby and has grown into a very expensive distraction..a distraction that is a welcome change to the day to day mundane but important "tasks" like work, eat, family, friends etc.

It has been a journey so far. A journey that started as an expensive hobby, but is turning into something that is more meaningful and has a direct impact to the community around me. And one day, I hope that these ramblings find its way to something much much bigger than just me!

I hope you enjoy these stories, some funny, some inspiring and some that are my life's teaching moments. No matter where the story goes, two things are for certain; First and foremost it offers a window into my soul and secondly, it will absolutely keep you guessing if it is actually real!

I truly hope and pray that one day we would be part of the same story, sharing wonderful experiences together. Until then, I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do and live a little through me...

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